KinderCare is a Montessori where stimulating early childhood education takes centre stage, empowering your child with the basic skills to succeed in life academically and to grow as an individual.
KinderCare aims at providing its students a healthy and secure environment where fun is integrated into the educational system making it more appealing for the developing mind.
Located in a peaceful residential area, the ambiance of this Montessori is warm and car¬ing with special attention being paid to your little one.
KinderCare has been in the forefront of edu¬cating the young and celebrates its 10th suc¬cessful year in 2009.
The Montessori accommodates classrooms which have children from the age of 2/1/2 years to 5 1/2 years. Each classroom has two teachers and about 23 children, KinderCare is an AMI Montessori and this method approves of the intermingling of older and younger children in one classroom as it gives the older ones an opportunity to assist the younger ones while the latter observe and learn from the older ones. At KinderCare individual attention is given to each child's educational requirement and the lessons are planned according to his or her own ability and the child works at his or her own pace.
At KinderCare censorial skills and essential life skills are taught to Lhe children at a very early age to make them independent and these activities also help them to control and co-ordinate their movements. Language and Mathematics are also introduced to the child. The children are also taught Religion, Geography, Botany, Geometry, Zoology and Culture as well as all three languages namely English Sinhalese and Tamil. The Montessori also provides extra curricular activities such as Speech and Drama, Singing. Swimming, Cookery, Arts and Crafts. The children are also given an opportunity to show off their many talents at the annual Concert and Graduation Ceremony and the Arts and Crafts Exhibitions. Facilities for a toddler group between the ages of one and two years are available, but num¬bers are limited. This enables the staff to be more attentive and sensitive to the toddlers' needs. The Montessori which is airy, spacious and child friendly has its own school band and a safe play area for the children to have plenty of fun and adventure. Additionally they have Day Care facilities for children up to the age of twelve years from 1pm to 6pm. This isn't limited only to those studying at the Montessori but is open for those looking for a safe, homely place that provides after school care. The Co-Directors of the Montessori, Patricia de Rose and Yumei Chang feel strongly that the cultural, religious, academic and social background that the children receive in KinderCare prepares them for easy entry into Grade 1 of primary school education. Here's an excerpt from letter sent by a parent which is a testament to KinderCare's dedication towards early childhood education ... "This is a quick note to say thank you very much for all you have done for Mathew. When Mathew first came to KinderCare three years ago, Mathew was a shy little boy always in his sis¬ter's shadow. Over the last three years you have nurtured and helped him grow and become a self confident and assertive child. KinderCare has been the catalyst in helping Mathew find himself and for that we will always be grateful."
KinderCare is affiliated to the Good Shepherd Maria Montessori Training Centre and is situated at No 26 Elibank Road, Colombo 05. For more information do contact them on 2502590 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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