About Kinder Care 


Kindercare a new learning experience.
At Kindercare the children are given the full benefit of a Montessori education, combined with other extracurricular activities which are essential for the physical, emotional, social and aesthetic development of the child.

We encourage each child to develop their own sense of self, to learn at their own pace and to learn to love learning.

The classrooms are set up in an open style, with work areas through the room and materials available on accessible shelving. Most lessons are given to small groups or individual children while other children are working independently.

Students increase their own knowledge through individual and teacher initiated experience, in an inquisitive, cooperative and nurturing atmosphere. The importance of respecting ones self, others and the environment is emphasized. Therefore one develops a natural caring attitude towards all people.

Learning takes place through the senses, repeated use of hands on material and interaction with others.

At Kindercare, students are inspired to live both passionately and compassionately in a global community.

Spacious Classrooms

Children At Work